For students

The Students' Committee was organized in 1994 according to the decision of Academic Board of KhNTUA.The Students' Committee is an organ of the students' self-administration.
The Students' Committee carries out the educational and research activity in accordance with Ukraine's legislation and normative documents of KhNTUA:

• corresponding to Norm documents of Ukraine's Ministry of Justice;

• Ukraine's law «About Education»;

• Ukraine's law «About Higher Education»;

• Ukraine's law «About Innovation Activity»;

• Civil Code of Ukraine;

• Ukraine's law «About Business Activity»;

• Ukraine's law «About Property»;

• Ukraine's law «About Science and Scientific Engineering Work»;

• The Program of sustainable development of KhNTUA of 2011;

• The Program of Work with regard to improving the efficiency of educational process and the quality of training specialists;

• Regulations on the Academic Board of KhNTUA;

• Regulations on Trade Union Committee of KhNTUA;

• Regulations on Youth and Sports Committee.

The Students' Committee of KhNTUA carries out its work in accordance with regulations on the Students' Committee of Petro Vasilenko KhNTUA.
The purpose of the Students' Committee's activity is the representation and protection of students' social, economic, creative, spiritual and other interests of young people.

The main tasks of the Students' Committee are:

• to provide and protect the students' rights and interests;

• to take part in organization of academic and educational process;

• to take part in devising propositions for programs of actual problems of society, of legal and social protection of student youth;

• to take part in preparing and implementing projects aimed at solving social, economic, legal, educational, cultural, and other problems of students.

The main issues the Students' Committee deals with are:

• to make propositions on improving the educational process;

• to organize round tables, scientific and practical conferences and seminars, to take part in organizing students' all-Ukrainian contests in different subjects, to organize actions to settle problems of students' life and social adaptation , to prevent unlawful actions and take preventive measures against groups of risk among students;

• to look for new up-to-date ways of organizing the students' leizure time to carry out the students' health-improving, to take part in organizing sports and health-improving events in holiday summer camps;

• to organize systematic cultural events;

• to take part, organize and carry out sports and health-improving events (contests, athletic meetings, sport competitions);

• cooperation with youth organizations of self-administration of Ukraine and other issues;

• to provide cultural and spiritual development of an individual, to educate students of the University as patriots of Ukraine with deference to Ukraine's Constitution;

• to reflect the Students' Committee's activity in University's newspapers and announcements;

• to propagandize and promote patriotism, morality, healthy way of life among students;

• to increase the students' educational and cultural standard.

The Students' Committee is formed out of KhNTUA students who are elected by the student conference. Presidium is elected out of the Students' Committee Members once a year: the Chairman of the Committee, two vice-chairmen, a secretary and the heads of sections — 22 people altogether, who compose the Committee for the academic year.

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