5 education and research institutes train students in 16 specialities.
30 departments train students in humanities, fundamental, engineering and special disciplines; they are centres of educational, methodological and research work.
The Education and Research Institute of Post-Diploma Education provides post-diploma professional education for specialists of agro-industrial complex, small and medium-sized businesses both off-the-job and on-the-job.
KhNTUA Vovchansk Technical School trains bachelors in 5 specialities.
KhNTUA College of Processing and Food Industry trains bachelors in 6 specialities.
The Dean’s Office for Foreign Students organizes training for international students at preparatory and basic faculties of the university according to basic specialities.
The Educational Centre for Training and Retraining the Personnel trains, retrains and improves the professional skill of the AIC personnel.
The Technological Research Institute deals with scientific and practical problems of technical service for agricultural machinery
The Institute of Innovation Management its aim is to hasten the application of the sustainable development technologies to the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine both in the entrepreneur field (production) and in the sphere of providing high living standards, first of all, for village communities, as well as the improvement education quality in the context of sustainable development.
Doctorate and Postgraduate Courses assist in training highly qualified specialists.
Curriculum Departmen is engaged in organization, planning, control and further improvement of educational process.
IT Centre (Information Technologies Centre) supports informatization coordination in all spheres of university activity
Educational-and-methodological Department prepares and publishes textbooks and manuals.
Library has a fund of more than 300,000 volumes and 4 reading halls.
Museum of the University Histor now its funds number more than 1,300 exhibits.
Centre for Practical Training and Student Youth Employment the purpose of the Centre is to solve the problems of student youth’s employment after graduation from the University, to ensure their employment in their free time and during the summer holidays, to promote youth initiatives in employment, through the organization of student groups as well, youth entrepreneurship development, the formation of students’ skills of career building.
Committee for Family, Youth and Sports The Committee’s Purpose is improvement of educational work, coordination and augmentation of efficiency of structural units of the University and the public organizations involved into the educational process of the University.
Centre of working professions The Center of working professions gives the students an opportunity to master the following trades: - a computer operator (training term – 6 months); - an electrician for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment (training term – 9 months); - a tractor-driver of agricultural (forestry) production (category ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’) (training term – 9 months); - an operative of flour production (training term – 4,5 months); - a miller (training term – 2,5 months); - a lumber-jack (training term – 6 months).
Centre for Quality Management Main activities of the Center are development, effective functioning and perfection of continuous improvement of quality management system of the University, which is certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2008 by the international certification body DQS (Germany).

хнтусх официальный сайт харьковский национальный технический университет сельского хозяйства имени Петра Василенко химэсх хімесг химэсх харьковский государственный университет сельского хозяйства хнтусх харьковский институт механизации электрификации сельского хозяйства державний університет сільського господарства інститут механізації електрифікації нац. университет с/х хнтусг ім. П.Василенка хнтусг ім. Петра Василенка хнтусх офіційний сайт Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture University Kharkov agriculture Ukraine