Academician P. M. Vasylenko

Since 2004 our university has been named after Academician Petro Mefodiyovych Vasylenko.

P.M. Vasylenko was born on 17 October, 1900, in the village of Mygiia, Pervomaisk district, Mykolaiv region. Not having reached a year and a half till his 100th anniversary (died on 21 April, 1999) he felt all the stormy events of the XX century.

Academician Petro Mefodiyovych Vasylenko is known not only in our country but far beyond its borders for his fundamental research concerning theory and design methods of tillage, sowing and harvesting machines; he is also known for his research in the field of dynamics and movement stability of agricultural machinery. He was Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor of the department of agricultural machinery of the National Agrarian University.

In 1937 P.M. Vasylenko was awarded a degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences and in 1939 he was elected the Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. In 1947 P.M. Vasylenko defended his Doctor dissertation in Moscow and in 1949 he was awarded the academic rank of professor. In 1956 he was elected Academician of the department of mechanization and electrification of agriculture at the general meeting of LAUAAS.

He trained more than 60 candidates and 7 doctors of sciences, published more than 200 scientific articles and a number of fundamental monographs on theory and design methods of agricultural machinery. His works were published in Bulgaria, Slovakia, Romania, France, China, they were also cited in the USA.

His fundamental studies “Cultivators”, “Theory of Particle Motion on Rough Surfaces of Agricultural Machines”, “Universal Mathematical Models of Units Functioning and their Use”, “Introduction into Agricultural Mechanics”, “Research Fundamentals” have greatly contributed to elaboration of agricultural machinery and the development of the research methods for agricultural machines.

Special attention should be paid to P.M. Vasylenko’s study “Automation of Agricultural Production Processes” which was included in UNO’s International Fund. Using this study UNO’s economic commission evaluated the automation state of agricultural production processes in different countries all over the world. American scientists used P.M. Vasylenko’s study “Theory of Track Wheel Rolling” while designing “Lunokhod” (moon robot).

By the Resolution of LAUAAS of 07.12.1977 P.M. Vasylenko was awarded with V.P. Horiachkin’s Gold Medal for outstanding research in the field of tillage mechanics, mechanization and electrification of agriculture. He was also honoured with state awards and in 1998 American Biographical Institute (ABI) awarded him with “A Man of the Second Millennium” Gold medal.

Academician P.M. Vasylenko left a great scientific treasure which will be used for a long time in the third millennium by scientists and engineers in the field of agricultural mechanization, his creative development may serve as an example for present and forthcoming generations.

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