Mission and policy of KhNTUA

      KhNTUA missioneducative enlightenment; specification and developing of new spheres of academic knowledge, freedom in its receiving; generating of socially important initiatives; searching and implementation of integration forms of innovative activities of agricultural education, science and manufacturing; upbringing of a successful, competitive, national-conscious and educated individual basing on universal human values; providing Ukrainian nationals and foreigners throughout their life with highly professional and advanced education; academic mobility development of studentship and professors; academic training of new generations of experts and scientists who are organizational leaders of innovative sustainable society development; affirmation of University’s leading position in international educational space; dedication to Ukraine’s interests.

       KhNTUA policy – assurance the University’s success as self-organizing, self-improving independent educational, scientific and manufacturing complex of the third millennium.
- sound positions and continual formation of competitive advantages concerning provision of educational services and research results;
- leading position in educational space and in development of potential and abilities for self-realization of students and staff’;
- leading position in training word-class specialists;
- superiority among higher educational establishments concerning training quality of specialists, scope of the research performed and the results application in educational process;
- vision of the future and affording everyday opportunities for growth;
- to the acme of perfection by way of creativity and innovativeness spirit;
- responsibility and the role of university board:
- system-oriented analysis and reconsideration of Mission, Vision, corporate culture;
- cultivating of business excellence atmosphere.
                                                 Consumer orientation
- training (upon consumers occurrence) of highly qualified specialists who are competitive in the labour market;
- forming of harmonically developed individuals of a new generation – leaders who are able to perceive and apply modern advances in favour of consumers;
- aiming at outpacing meeting of consumers’ needs;
- university graduates ability to influence the innovative development of the state.
                                          Involvement of students and the staff
- collectivity motivation for effective work;
- stimulating to development and self-improvement;
- setting up a team whose members share the same ideas and who are result-oriented;
- encouraging students’ self-government development.
                                              System approach
- integration of education, science and manufacture;
- interrelated criteria of system-oriented analysis of processes and activities;
 - developing and decision-making on the basis of self-examination, benchmarking, research and needs analysis of all the related parties.
- orientation on future quality standards;
- quality is the standard of our activities, we know how – we do it properly;
- distinct personal responsibility;
- mutual involvement;
- keeping to high ethical standards, respect for our consumers, partners, coworkers as unique personalities with individual needs and strivings.
                                                Process approach
- implementation of Mission, Policy and Strategy by means of network of interrelated processes focused on adding of collateral values for consumers and other concerned parties;
- transparency of activities in all ways;
- there aren’t minor processes – all the processes are equally important.
                                            Continual improvement
- the staff are the sources of ideas and generators of the actions, focused on continual improvement of all the processes in order to improve quality of educational services and research results;
- creativity, applications innovative ideas are a sources of success.
The main instrument of KhNTUA effectiveness management is a system of quality management which is based on the philosophy of TQM (Total Quality Management) and satisfies the requirements of international standards ISO 9000 series.


хнтусх официальный сайт харьковский национальный технический университет сельского хозяйства имени Петра Василенко химэсх хімесг химэсх харьковский государственный университет сельского хозяйства хнтусх харьковский институт механизации электрификации сельского хозяйства державний університет сільського господарства інститут механізації електрифікації нац. университет с/х хнтусг ім. П.Василенка хнтусг ім. Петра Василенка хнтусх офіційний сайт Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture University Kharkov agriculture Ukraine