International Cooperation

International Cooperation

KhNTUA actively joined in Bologna process which is aimed at creating the European education space as well as professional mobility of students, and raising their competitiveness.

One of the tendencies of the modern world is integration in economy, culture, science and especially in education.

The program of the international cooperation, started in 1996, is based on intensive exchange of students, postgraduates and trainees. Every year over 300 students gain their 2-7 month practical training on farms of the UK, the Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and other countries of Europe.

KhNTUA is an active participant in the joint Ukraine-Germany agricultural project – 3 month internship program in Germany for students of economic specialities after their receiving Bachelor’s degree. The internship takes place at processing enterprises of the AIC, agricultural insurance companies and banks. After returning the students take special exams and get Certificates of the German Agro-Business Institute.

Cooperation with the Farmers’ Association in France is also fruitful. The Association covers the expenses for 2 month students’ internship.

Over the years of independence KhNTUA became a member of the European Association of Agrarian Universities, International Academy of Sciences of Higher School, Consortium of Agrarian Universities of the world.

The University maintains international contacts with Moscow State Agro-Engineering University named after V.P. Goryachkin (Russia), Erlangen University, Humboldt University (Germany), Vienna Agrarian University (Austria), Lublin Agricultural Academy, Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland), Ishtvan Agricultural University (Hungary), “Paris-Nanter” University, the Center of Human Science, National Center of scientific research, Agricultural Lyceum in Montarzhy (France). Business relations have been established with a number of companies in Great Britain such as HOPS, Concordia, IAAH and Shropsher, Bern University (Switzerland), Peking Agricultural Engineering University (China), Northern Central Technical College (the USA), Haifa Technical University (Israel), Agrarian Unions of Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Northern Italy, the Netherlands, Agrarian Academy in Nitra (Slovakia), Krakow Agrarian University, Schetsin University (Poland), Tissen University (Germany), Tept University (Belgium).

International contacts of the University are aimed to deepen the process of European integration in education. The aim of the activity is also to devise curricula and methods of teaching various subjects in the context of Bologna agreement.

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