History Museum


The University History Museum was founded by the Institute (KhIMEA) Rector’s (T.P. Yevsiukov) order No. 200 of 9 October, 1978 on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the Institute. The opening took place on 9 May, 1980, and on 15 November, 2001 the Museum got the certificate of departmental registration at the education establishment.

K.V. Kramchanynova was the first director of the museum. She made a valuable contribution to the Museum foundation. Her fruitful activity as to the archive materials collection, creation of the first expositions about the Institute history, the aesthetic design of the stands became the basis of the modern University History Museum which occupies an honourable place among museums of higher education establishments of Kharkiv.

In 2003 Associated Professor Nadiia P. Moskaliova, Candidate of Historic Sciences, became the director of the Museum. She deepened the work with the archived documents, worked out the Museum development conception as an educational center of the University.

The museum at once became part and parcel of the University complex. Today its stock numbers over 1,300 items – documents, pictures, memoirs, models and others.
The Museum carries out great scientific-educational, scientific-depositary, expository-exhibition, research and public activity. In 2005 a lot of work was done to apply the computer account of the Museum exhibits. The first profound systematisation of the whole depositary was started according to divisions: books, personalities, awards, diplomas, patents, models, graduates’ albums, biographies, questionnaires, history of departments, innovation technologies of education, valuable exhibits, pictures, photos, gifts to the University, the newspapers “To Mechanization and Electrification”, “Farm Engineer”.

The exhibition activity of the University History Museum includes review and thematic excursions. The Museum organises various exhibitions, among them the drawings exhibition of the University staff’s children “Our Ukraine – with children’s eyes”, an exposition of placards devoted to the victims of Holodomor and political repressions in Ukraine; expositions from the depositary of the KhNTUA Museum: “Kharkiv and Kharkovites”, “Unknown Pages of the University History”; an exhibition of decorative towels “Two colours of mine, two colours…”, an Easter eggs exhibition, etc.

The Museum pays great attention to the propaganda of the scientific traditions of the University.

On the initiative of the University Rector academician Dmytro I. Mazorenko, to mark the 80th Anniversary of the University, the Museum-exhibition of agricultural machinery is to be opened. The aim of the centre is not only to study the history of machinery development but also to familiarise with the problems of technical aspects of modern agrarian reforms, the latest national and foreign tractor and agricultural machinery building and electrical engineering.

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