The history of the library dated back to 1930, the moment of the foundation of KhIMEA.

Unfortunately, there are no data about the library of the thirties. The book stock is known to have had 130,000 items at the beginning of its activity, but in 1935 the quantity of books was reduced from the unknown reasons to 59,360 items.

During the war the Institute was evacuated to Tashkent, only workshops and the library remained in Kharkiv. During the occupation the library stock was robbed, only 20,000 items remained.

After the Institute had returned from the evacuation, the renaissance of the library started. Despite of the lack of the most necessary things the Institution administration at once paid attention to the difficulties of the library. For a few months 4,345 items of necessary books were given to the library.

At the same time the library obtained new premises: a reading hall for 40 places, a subscription post and a book depositary.

In the fifties-seventies the library continued to improve its work applying new forms and methods. New forms of work came into practice, such as: SIS (selective information spreading), Information Days, Graduate-Student Days, etc. In the late seventies the library stock accounted for 261,566 items, 18 librarians worked in three library departments.

The early eighties were a period of development and renovation of the library.

Since 1983 Tetiana V. Novikova has been the chief librarian, and assisted by the staff she has been improving the work of the library.

In 1985 a library post at 92 Myronosytska Str. was organised. This made the book closer to the first- and second-year students. At this time the fiction subscription post was opened. The innovation of this period was the group service method without recording in library cards.

In the nineties a new technical task was approved that envisaged the foundation of the basis for the automated information-library service of readers. Today the computer network of the library accounts for six data bases. Since 1999 the library has been preparing thematic bibliographic indices using automated technologies.

Today the library has four departments: acquisition and processing of literature, servicing and book depositary, information-bibliographic and automation departments. The library serves readers at 7 subscription posts and 5 reading halls. In 2004 a library post in the Technological Research Institute of KhNTUA was opened. On 1 January, 2010 10,500 readers were registered. Today over 370,000 items are kept in the book depositary. The librarians give over 90,000 references annually and organize more than 90 book exhibitions.

The library takes an active part in the activity of the Association of Modern Library-Information Technology.

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