The Educational Centre for Training and Retraining the Agro-Industrial Complex Personnel

Tatiana Ye. Pipina

KhNTUA was integrated with the University on 29 August, 2005 according to the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine (No. 434). Before that date the Centre had had a 60 year-old history. It is situated at 19 Chaikovskoho Str., Kharkiv.

Today the Centre is the only one in Ukraine to train over 600 specialists annually – workers of mass professions and engineering and technical personnel for grain procurement and grain processing branches.

The Centre trains and improves the skill level of the agro-industrial complex personnel:
• senior foremen, foremen of industrial groups for grain and bread-stuffs storage;
• technician-laboratory assistants, laboratory assistants for testing quality of grain and bread-stuffs;
• chiefs of the guard for bakery enterprises;
• specialists for weight equipment repair;
• chief engineers, labour protection engineers, chief power engineering specialists, mechanical engineers and other specialists for labour protection and fire safety;
• specialists working with computers;
• chiefs, deputy chiefs of industrial and technological laboratories of bread-stuffs enterprises;
• electrical engineers;
• workers in charge of apparatus for grain processing including grain-dryers;
• electricians for repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in bread-stuffs industry;
• fire-engine drivers;
• chiefs and specialists for enterprises of bread-stuffs protection.

The Centre has the modern educational-material basis: grain and electrical engineering laboratories, a granary equipment laboratory; studies for new technologies of grain storage, informational technologies, automation of industrial processes of grain drying, labour protection.

To make acquaintance of new technologies and machinery students have an opportunity to visit the best enterprises in Kharkiv and Kharkiv region. The Centre has a library with a book stock of over 10,000 items of special literature and fiction; a reading hall, a gymnasium and a conference hall.

The hostel and educational premises are comfortably located in the same building. The hostel has all the conditions for students.

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