The Institute of Innovation Management

Director:Ivan Ya. Hryshyn, Associate Professor, Candidate of Technical Sciences
Address: 65 G, 50 Rokiv VLKSM, Kharkiv
Telephone: (0572) 62-81-61

The Institute of Innovation Management (IIM) was established by the Order of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy No. 184 dated 9 July, 2002. The address of the Institute: 65 G, 50 Rokiv VLKSM, Kharkiv.

The main purpose of the establishment of this structural subdivision was to hasten the application of the sustainable development technologies to the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine both in the entrepreneur branch (production) and in the sphere of increase of the quality of life, first of all, of village communities, as well as improvement of education quality.

Associate Professor Ivan Ya. Hryshyn, Candidate of Technical Sciences was appointed the Director of the institute.

The institute comprises:
• the Methodological Center of Pioneer Activity (MCPA),
• the Center of Information Technologies (CIT),

The staff of the Institute of Innovation Management work on textbooks, monographs and articles dealing with the problems of pioneer activity management (innovation management of sustainable development). The institute is developing the methodological basis of the technological case-method.

Formation of the business-incubator of a technological provider in the framework of the national techagropolice development is one of the main directions of the institute. An important direction for the staff is creation of the Students’ Institute of Pioneer Activity at KhNTUA.

Employees of the institute are working on the following main programs:
- the sectoral program “Personnel of the Agro-Industrial Complex 2005-2009” in the sphere of improvement of innovation activity including scientific one; formation of technoparks and technopolices;
- the great project “Hryhory Skovoroda-300” (up to the year 2022); - development of the city of Kharkiv, etc.

In 2009-2010 according to the government contractual work (170,000 UAH) the institute is carrying out research “Formation of methodic fundamentals and working out of technological cases in the fields of plant growing, livestock breeding and mechanization of agricultural production”.

The characteristic feature of the methodology as to solving problems of sustainable development is the application of the philosophic-theistic-scientific-practical work and the philosophic approach being based upon the national background, first of all on Hryhory Skovoroda’s teaching.

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