The Institute Scientific Developments

      In 1997 according to the Order of the Ministry of Agricultural Production of Ukraine the Eastern branch of Ukrainian Scientific and Research Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture was subordinated to the Ministry of Agricultural Production and it was associated with Kharkiv State Technical University of Agriculture. Mykola S. Pylypenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor was appointed the Director of the Institute.
The Technological Research Institute of KhNTUA is the institute of applied activity with its research and practical objective of technical service of agricultural machinery.
The sphere of scientific and applied knowledge of the Institute includes providing efficiency and working capacity of agricultural machinery fleet on farms; expending life-time of machinery and maintaining machinery fleet on farms; justification and providing rational methods of modernization of agricultural machinery.
The institute has done a lot of work for the resent years. The most important items are:
- standard technical documentation for overhauling all the makes of KhTZ and YuMZ tractors;
- stationary and on board filter systems for diesel fuel enabling to effectively clean diesel fuel from mechanical admixtures and water;
- diagnostic systems for main gears, gearboxes, reduction gears;
- diagnostic systems for hydrostatic drives of agricultural machines;
- running balance systems of internal combustion engines and thrashing drums of combine harvesters.
Not long ago “Instructions for Current Repairs of KhTZ, YuMZ Tractors, DON and Obrii Combines” were published and distributed on farms of Ukraine.
The perspective plans of the Institute for the near future are as follows:
- development of diagnostic control systems for diesel engines;
- study of the characteristic features of biodiesel application in the agro-industrial complex and problems related with maintenance of fuel equipment of biofuel engines.
The institute is the base for practical training of the KhNTUA students specializing in engineering and has close contacts with the University departments.

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