KhNTUA College of Processing and Food Industry

Director: Lidia I. SKRIPKA
Address: 61098, 51 Barykadna Street, Kharkiv
Telephone: (0572)372-35-22; 372-40-27
Fax: 372-35-22

KhNTUA College of Processing and Food Industry is situated at 51 Barykadna Str. It is one of the leading education institutions of the 1st accreditation level in Ukraine. The college provides its students with general scientific and cultural training. The main thing is that they acquire a profession which is competitive in the labour market for processing and food industry.

The Technical School of Dairy Industry, now the College of Processing and Food Industry, was founded in 1930. As a structural subdivision it became part of the University in 1997. This gave the technical school-college graduates an opportunity to continue their education in a shorter space of time at our University and other higher education institutions of the 3rd-4th accreditation levels.

At the college about 1,000 students study full time and by correspondence. The teaching process is provided by 170 teachers and employees including 3 candidates of sciences, 6 postgraduates, 3 teacher-methodologists, 9 senior teachers, 23 teachers of higher category, 3 Exemplary Educationalists of Ukraine.

Training of specialists is carried out in close connection with training and production. Students get practical skills at a training production dairy shop, laboratories and workshops, computer classrooms with Internet connection, at enterprises of food and processing industry of Ukraine, they have an opportunity to gain their practical training in the agricultural sector of Great Britain.

Organization and training structures of the college provide training of specialists in these specialities:
- production of dairy products,
- production of meat products,
- production of bread, confectionery, pasta and food concentrates,
- assembling and maintenance of refrigerating and compressor installations,
- maintenance and repairs of food production equipment, - accounting.

Correspondence education is carried out both on the basis of complete general secondary education (11 forms) and on the basis of incomplete general secondary education (9 forms).

At the college there is the Preparatory department which works all the year round on the basis of incomplete general secondary education and complete general secondary education. The term of study is 6 months. It is necessary to say that the graduation examinations which are taken by students are considered to be entrance examinations for the college.

Taking into consideration that the state needs specialists of working professions, during the period of training students have an opportunity to acquire a working profession in these specialities:
- a laboratory assistant for chemical and bacteriological analysis,
- a cheese-maker,
- a baker,
- a repairman for production equipment,
- an erector for refrigerating equipment installation.

Every year in March, April and May the governing body organizes the Open House with the purpose of versatile acquaintance of potential applicants with the college.

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