The Dean’s Office for Foreign Students

Науменко А. О.


Naumenko А. О.

Dean:Artem Oleksandrovych Naumenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Address: 61002, Ukraine, 92, Myronosytska Street, Kharkov
ТTelephone: (057) 700-45-81


     In 1947 Kharkiv Institute of Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture began training specialists for foreign countries. They were mostly representatives of the former socialist countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Vietnam, China, Korea, Mongolia, German Democratic Republic, Poland, Romania, Hungary). They got the profession of mechanical engineer and electrical engineer.

In 1976 the Institute started training specialists for the Republic of Cuba, representatives of Africa, Europe and Latin America. It can be considered to be the second stage of our Instute of intensive cooperation with foreign countries in the field of training specialists’. The Administration of our High Educational Establishment began to select linguists, teachers of special subjects; material and methodical foundation was formed; the structural scheme of working with foreign citizens was created. Special courses for rapid adaptation of foreign specialists to the conditions of their countries began working at special departments. Russian Department was established, and later it was transformed into the Department of Ukrainian - and Slavic studies, and now –it is the UNESCO Department "Philosophy of Human Communication" with sections of Ukrainian and Slavic studies at the Department.
There were two classes equipped with technical facilities at the Department, now it is equipped with modern computers.
In 1979 the dean's office for the foreign citizens was organized. Professor Ivan Morozov was appointed as its Dean.
The second stage of international cooperations characterized by increasing the number of foreign citizens, the extension of education forms, the foundation and development of scientific and pedagogical, methodological, organizational and educational trends in dealing with foreign citizens.
During that period the teaching staff in all the disciplines was formed, manuals for studyingsocio-economic and special subjects were prepared. About 20 courses were worked out in the Institute . The best forms of teaching foreign citizens were searched.
The beginning of the 90s marked the third stage of the international cooperation of our Institute, which is characterized by the formation of Ukraine as an independent state.
Since 1 September 1992 the Institute has gone over to contract training for foreigners. The organization of work with this category of citizens has been radically changed; the normative base which regulates foreign citizens' education in Ukraine has been formed; a new category of students has appeared - foreign citizens from CIS countries.
In this period the Institute got a University status, the University got the IV-th – the highest level of accreditation. In 2004 the University was granted the status of National University.
Today the University has connections with 16 educational institutions and companies in Austria, Great Britain, Holland, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, China, Mongolia, Germany, Poland, Russia, the USA, Hungary, France, Switzerland and Sweden.
During the whole period of international cooperation 1193 students from 54 foreign countries were educated Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture. 534 of them became Masters of Science, 13 of them became Candidates of Technical Science, 311 had a probation, 206 finished preparatory courses, 785 finished language courses. Now the University trains specialists in:
• Mechanization of Agriculture (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Power Engineering of Agricultural Production (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Power Management (Specialist, Master);
• Machinery and Equipment of Agricultural Production (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Equipment of Forest Complex (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Wheeled and Tracklaying Transport Vehicles (Bachelor);
• Equipment of Processing and Food Enterprises (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Technology of Grain Processing and Grain Storage (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Management of Enterprises (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Automated Control of Technological Processes and Enterprises (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Accounting and Audit (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Economics of Enterprises (Bachelor, Specialist, Master);
• Quality, standardization and certification.

хнтусх официальный сайт харьковский национальный технический университет сельского хозяйства имени Петра Василенко химэсх хімесг химэсх харьковский государственный университет сельского хозяйства хнтусх харьковский институт механизации электрификации сельского хозяйства державний університет сільського господарства інститут механізації електрифікації нац. университет с/х хнтусг ім. П.Василенка хнтусг ім. Петра Василенка хнтусх офіційний сайт Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture University Kharkov agriculture Ukraine