The Education and Research Institute of Post-Diploma Education

Anatolii K. Avtukhov
Anatolii K. Avtukhov




Director: Anatolii K. Avtukhov, , tel: (050)-688-49-46
Methodologist: Olesia V. Kutia, tel: (095)-941-60-53
Address: 65 G, 50 Rokiv VLKSM, Kharkiv
Telephone: 710-52-01






The department was founded on 26 December, 1973 according to the Instruction № 508 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR “On the Establishment of the Department of Advanced Education for Leading Employees and Specialists in Agriculture”. In succeeding years the activity of the Department was contributed by the following resolutions: the Order № 181 of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR from 19 June 1981 “On the Establishment of the Department of Advanced Education for Teachers of Agricultural Technical schools” and the Instruction № 37-18-2-13/1180 of the Ministry of Agriculture from 1 March, 1994 “On the Establishment of the Department of Advanced Education for Lecturers of Higher Agricultural Educational Establishments”. From 2004 the Dean and from 2009 the ERI PDE Director is Associate Professor Anatolii Kuzmych Avtukhov, Candidate of Technical Sciences.

The main task of the ERI PDE is to organize the thorough post-diploma education for agro-industrial complex specialists, workers of small and medium-sized businesses in compliance with market conditions and to organize on-job and off-job training for lecturers of I-IV accreditation levels.

Over the years of activity the Institute organized and conducted training for 4806 heads of reformed farms, 5360 chief engineers, 2280 chief agronomists and 1246 safety engineers. Besides, the Institute trained 1781 unemployed and 134 lecturers of higher educational establishments of I-IV accreditation levels.

The educational process is provided by 17 departments teaching at the Institute. Academic planning for each speciality and each discipline is held by the collectives of appropriate departments. Subjects of educational plans are systematically improved in compliance with scientific achievements, the best practices and the society economic development conditions of society.

According to the educational plans and programs the departments which take part in educational process provide learners with teaching aids and give them recommendations for course books. The Institute has two lecture rooms for 25 and 45 people. In case of need an assembly hall for 360 people is used.

In order to improve professional skills of the University lecturers a 5-year plan of the lecturers’ training is developed by the Institute. The plan is improved every year to correspond to the changes in the departments’ staff.

In the field of innovation problems of educational process the Institute works on developing training methods for learners according to the worked out demonstration projects; drafting business plans for the organization of production units in private and public levels; developing methods of organization and training in applying high-tech solutions forgrowing agricultural crops, modern technologies of maintenance and repair of agricultural and power machinery in new production conditions.

The Institute implemented measures for the direct work on farms and prepared agreements with district departments of agriculture to support this work, i.e. the learning during meetings with experts on administrative region scale with demonstrating scientific research and best practices exhibitions. This activity provides an opportunity to attract more specialists, to increase their communication time with teaching staff during training and promptly bring to the attention of agricultural sector specialists the information about modern technologies, new machinery, tax laws, social and labor legislation, modern forms of work organization and a lot of other information.

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