The Education and Research Institute of Business and Management

Mazniev Hryhorii Yevtiiovych
Mazniev Hryhorii Yevtiiovych




Director: Mazniev Hryhorii Yevtiiovych,
Professor, the Academy of Engineering Sciences

Address: Kharkiv, Artem Str., 44, 2d floor
Telephone: (057) 716-41-68





    The faculty of Management of Kharkiv Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture was organized on April 8, 1997. In 2010 Education and Research Institute of Business and Management was formed on the basis of the faculty of Management.The Institute is headed by professor Mazniev Hryhorii Yevtiiovych, Exemplary Educationalist of Ukraine and winner of the contest “The Best Names of Kharkiv Higher Education Institutions” in the nomination “The Best Faculty Dean”.


Six departments work at the Institute:

• production, business and management organization;

• accounting and audit;

• Economics and Marketing;

• Kibernetics;

• UESCO “Philosophy of Human Communication”, philosophy and Ukraine history;

• culture.


 Education and Research Institute trains students on three economic specialities:

• management of organizations;

• enterprises economics;

• accounting and audit.

 All specialities are graded as the 4th level and empowered to grant academic degrees: bachelor, specialist and master level. Graduates of this Institute receive qualifications of “economist-manager”, “specialist in economics of enterprise” and “specialist in accounting and audit”. Students of the speciality ”Economics of Enterprise” and “Management of Organizations” due to the license of Ministry of Education and Science are allowed to get additional qualification of accountant.

Students of all specialities are trained for completion original program for receiving adequate certificate. The program includes course work in business-planning and graduate project in starting their own business. Special emphasis is made on optional learning of foreign languages, on receiving the licenses of a driver and tractor operator.

Education and Research Institute of Business and Management has links with establishments of higher education of America and Europe through INTERNET for obtaining scientific and methodic information. Students gain work experience in the countries of Western Europe and the USA.

The graduates of our Institute can work both as economist, accountant and top manager of a firm or enterprise of agrarian branch, on enterprises of food processing, agro-technical service, in audit firms, in tax administration inspection, on joint ventures with foreign partners, and in the other branches of national economy.

Our students have the possibility to get military training and are granted to officer’s rank.

The teaching staff and students of our Institute have traineeship at the USA universities. The most advanced students have six month’s traineeship during one or two years at the universities of United States of America, Austria and Germany.

The teaching staff and students of our Institute have the possibility to have a rest in Azov Sea, Kyrylivka.

Education and Research Institute of Business and Management has postgraduate studies on economic specialities which is empowered to grant doctoral level. Diploma projects of our graduates almost every year win prizes in contests held among universities of both Kharkiv region and Ukraine.

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