The Education and Research Institute of Food and Processing Technologies

Director: Oleksii V. Bohomolov
Director: Oleksii V. Bohomolov



Director: Director: Oleksii V. Bohomolov,
Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor,

Address: 92, Myronosytska Street, Kharkov
Telephone: (057)700-38-95, 700-39-16




     The Education and Research Institute of Food and Processing Technologies was organized in 2010 on the base of the faculty of processing and storage of agricultural products of KhNTUA. In 1993 the faculty was founded on the initiative of Professor D.I. Mazorenko, the Honoured Education Worker of Ukraine, Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Academician of the International Academy of Sciences of Higher School and Engineering Academy of Ukraine.
ERI PFT is the only one of its kind in Ukraine. It comprises 6 departments and is the basis of the education, research and production complex including the College of Processing and Food Industry, the education centre of KhNTUA, “Bilyi Kolodiaz” sugar plant, “Extruder” company, etc.The founders of the faculty who supported its establishment and development were the former dean, now the University Acting Rector, Academician, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor L.M. Tishchenko and the ERI Director, the head of the department of equipment and engineering of food and processing technologies, Professor O.V. Bohomolov, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

The Institute trains specialists in these specialities:

  • equipment for processing and food technologies with such areas of specialization as:
    • information systems and quality control in processing and food industries,
    • engineering management of processing and food technologies,
    • technical service of equipment for processing and food technologies,
    • commodity research, expertise, quality, standardization and certification of equipment for processing and food technologies,
    • equipment for restaurants, trade and household appliances,
    • machinery, design and technologies of packaging,
    • industrial engineering; 
  • technology for processing and storage of grain with such areas of specialization as:
    • technology of elevator industry,
    • technology of flour products and cereals,
    • technology of mixed fodder and premixes,
    • bread technology.
    The Institute graduates work at the processing and food enterprises and in the field of science.
    Since 2007 the faculty (since 2009 – ERI PFT) has been headed by Professor O.V. Bohomolov.
    The process of teaching is carried out by 106 highly qualified teachers. Among them there are 15 professors (14 doctors of sciences), 3 academicians, 56 associate professors, 23 senior lecturers and 12 lecturers. 75 per cent of the ERI lecturers are certified by the Supreme Certifying Commission of Ukraine.
    To provide a high level of prospective AIC specialists’ training the ERI improves the structure and Curricula of this process and introduces innovative education technologies in the following directions:
    • recruiting staff for training process;
    • constant reviewing and renewing of training programs, correlating them with modern education concepts;
    • creating the resource base, increasing the number of labs and equipping them with modern instruments;
    • providing technological base for teaching disciplines;
    • introducing the research developments stimulating self-study of students in different subjects;
    • involving students in research activity;
    • organizing and holding university, regional and All-Ukrainian contests;
    • organizing and carrying out career-guidance activity with rural youth.
    The teaching process is organized on the basis of the credit-module system. ERI PFT has the appropriate material and technical base, a perfect laboratory production complex, the educational centre for advanced training of the agro-industrial personnel and a computer centre.
    About 650 students are trained at the Institute. They are state financed or financed by juridical and physical persons. For the last 15 years the Institute has trained more than 1000 specialists.
    The Technical School of Dairy Industry, now the College of Processing and Food Industry яwas founded in 1930. As a structural subdivision it became a part of the University by Resolution № 991-p of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on the 23rd of May, 1997.
    Organization and training structures of the college provide training of specialists in these specialties:
    • production of dairy products;
    • production of meat products;;
    • assembling and maintenance of refrigerating and compressor installations;
    • production of bread, confectionery, pasta and food concentrates;
    • accounting.
    The graduates of college may be admitted to the University in the third year of study according to a short-term course.
    The personnel of the departments do research on the state financed and agreement bases.
    The results of the research are reported and exhibited at different international conferences, councils, symposia, seminars and congresses. The ERI lecturers have recently published 155 research papers.
    The main conclusions and research outcomes are used by lecturers in the teaching process and published in the text-books, manuals and monographs.
    ERI PFT researchers solve actual problems and train the staff for further development of the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex. More than 52 textbooks, 38 monographs, over 800 manuals, about 1000 scientific papers have been published by the staff of the Institute both in this country and abroad, 90 patents have been obtained, more than 500 conference speeches have been delivered Every year International scientific and practical conferences are held by the ERI, proceedings of the conferences being published.
    The leading department of the speciality “Equipment for processing and food technologies” is the department of the equipment and engineering for processing and food technologies. The head of the department is Oleksii V. Bohomolov, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. The personnel of this department train Bachelors, Specialists and Masters. The leading department of the speciality “Technology for processing and storage of grain” is the department of technology for processing and storage of agricultural products. The head of the department is O.M.Shanina, Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. The personnel of this department train Bachelors, Specialists and Masters.
    The significant point in training specialists is the students’ research. Every year students make 160 reports on the different scientific problems, the best research papers are reported at the regional, international and university conferences.
    Every year the contests are held at the departments of the ERI. Bright students take part in the regional and All-Ukrainian Students’ Contests in different disciplines, research projects contests and become prize- winners.
    Students have an opportunity to gain practical training on farms of Great Britain, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, the USA, Slovakia, Austria, France and Finland. The ERI lecturers maintain international contacts with Moscow State Agro-Engineering University named after V.P. Goryachkin (Russia), Erlangen University and Humboldt University (Germany), Vienna Agrarian University (Austria), Lublin Agricultural Academy, Warsaw Agricultural University (Poland), Harvard University (the USA).
    The UNESCO department “Philosophy of Human Communication” and MA course in Philosophy (management) are working at our University. Masters get both theoretical and practical knowledge in the sphere of management, human communication, philosophical psychology, law philosophy, philosophy of social administration, business communication philosophy, necessary for the heads of agricultural enterprises.
    Since 1996 the Centre of Sociological Investigation into Rural Areashas been functioning at the University; it has effective cooperation with Harvard University (the USA) and publishes the annual digest on law and education” Kharkiv farmer”
    The Education and Research Institute of Processing and Food Technologies (ERI PFT) is located in the building which is a sample of Kharkiv architecture. The ERI hostel is in the university campus near the ecological zone in Tsilinogradska Str. It has won the first place among the university hostels of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy due to comfort conditions and educational activity. All the students can live at the hostel with high standard conditions of living, studying, spending free time and doing sports.
    The students actively participate in the University collectives of amateur art activities, take part in the competitions of the clubs for the cheerful and quick-witted; sports teams participate successfully in the University Games, our students uphold the honour of our university in competitions with other educational esteblishments.
    By the Resolution of the State Accreditation Committee and the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the Education and Research Institute of Processing and Food Technologies was accredited according to the 4th level and qualified to carry out teaching due to the standards of Bachelor, Specialist and Master.

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