The Education and Research Institute of Technical Service

Oleksandr Artemovych Naumenko
Oleksandr Artemovych Naumenko



Director:Oleksandr Artemovych Naumenko,
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Professor,
Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Address: Moskovskyi Avenue, 45
Telephone: (057) 732-79-22




     The Faculty of Technical Service of Kharkiv Petro Vasylenko National Technical University of Agriculture was founded on the 29th of October, 1991. Its establishment was stimulated by changes in the production sphere of Ukraine: the formation of enterprises with different patterns of ownership, the formation of machine and technological stations, service stations, manufacturing, selling, repairing and maintaining companies; technical improving of machinery and its equipment with microprocessors. In 2009 this faculty was reorganized in the Education and Research Institute of Technical Service.
The Education and Research Institute trains students in compliance with such educational qualifications as



-6.050503 “Мachine-building”
-6.070101 “Тransport technologies”
-6.051801 “Wood-processing technologies”





- 7.05050312 “Machinery and equipment of agricultural production”
- 07.05050303 "Forestry complex equipment " (Correspondence education)





- 8.05050312 “Machinery and equipment of agricultural production”
- 8.05050305 “Wheeled and track-laying vehicles”
- 8.05050303 “Forestry complex equipment ”
- 8.07010102 “Transporting and transport management”
- 8.07070101 “Тransport systems”
- 8.05180102 “Wood manufacture technologies”
- 8.05180101 “Wood-processing technologies”



Fixed license amount is 200 students every year.

The ERI comprises 6 departments:

  • The Department of repair technological systems
  • B. Shabelnyk department of technical systems and livestock technologies
  • The Department of materials technologies
  • V.Anilovych department of machinery strength, reliability and technical service of machines
    • Section of technical service of machines
  • The Department of system engineering and forestry complex technologies
  • The Department of transport technologies and logistics
The departments of the Institute are famous for Academicians O.I. Sidashenko, T.S. Skoblo –State prize winners; Academician of the Engineering Academy of Sciences of Ukraine O.A. Naumenko; Doctors of Sciences V.O. Voitov, O.I. Tryshevskyi, V.F. Uzhik, P.P. Badalov, Ye.Z. Petrusha, V.M.Vlasovets, V.G. Kukhtov, O.V.Kozachenko, M.P. Rymarchuk.
Students are trained in compliance with such educational qualifications as Bachelor, Specialist, Master. Students can be qualified additionally as: a mechanic-technician ( the first year of study), a car driver, a tractor operator (the second year of study), a mechanic for car repairs (the third year of study), and a mechanic for repairing complicated units and systems(the fourth year of study). After graduating from the university our students get the state diploma and the certificate of entrepreneur.
There are postgraduate and doctoral courses at the Institute. Every year 3-4 candidate theses and one doctoral thesis are defended. In 2004 a group of institute scholars became President prize winners among young scientists.The Institute does researches in the development of technical service in AIC of Ukraine and CIS countries . Every year the international scientific conference is held on the results of scientific work.
For three years running the ERI held a second round of Ukrainian contest on “ Machines and equipment of agricultural production.” Every year the ERI holds the students’ youth forum “Youth and Agricultural Machinery in XXI century”.
Most students live at the ERI hostel located in Saltiv residential complex. This hostel functions in conformity with the principle of students’ self-administration.
There is the ERI sports club at the hostel. Its rugby team takes part in Premier league of Ukrainian Rugby Championship. TEXAC team has calendar matches at the sports base of the hostel. KhNTUA Rector Cup International Rugby Tournament is held here too.
Student’s life is not limited by studies in classrooms and research laboratories. It goes on in students’ club, discussion groups, amateur groups and the club for the cheerful and quick-witted.


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